Since its IPO on the Egyptian Exchange in December 2006, Arafa Holding has, through acquisitions and partnerships, expanded internationally by acquiring new brands, thereby expanding into new geographical markets and new business lines.

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The 2008 acquisition of Forall Group gave Arafa Holding access to Pal Zileri, one of the world’s top menswear brands, with a distribution network spanning 70 countries worldwide. Forall Group now also has a five-year renewable license agreement with Cerruti to design, produce and distribute products for the ‘Cerruti 1881′ brand, with an exclusive presence in a number of markets, including the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Scandinavia. Other brand agreements with Forall include Moschino, Borsalino and Zilli.

In August 2011, Arafa Holding signed a 50:50 Joint Venture Agreement (JV) with the men’s wear group Ermenegildo Zegna to establish a luxury shirt manufacturing company, “Camegit for Garment Manufacturing”. The company will manufacture luxury cotton shirts, with production based at Arafa Holding’s 123,000 square kilometer industrial complex in the Beni Sweif governorate in order to take advantage of Egypt’s cost profile.