northLinking Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Egypt’s location has made it a bustling trading hub for centuries. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 has further speeded up these connections, eliminating the need for ships travelling between Asia and Europe to navigate around the southern tip of the African continent. Egypt therefore serves as an excellent base for export-oriented businesses like Arafa Holding.

The country boasts fifteen commercial ports―the most prominent of which are Alexandria, Suez, Port Said and Damietta. At one week’s sailing time from European ports, and three from the East Coast of the US, Arafa Holding is much closer to these prominent export markets than other apparel manufacturing rivals such as India and Indonesia.

Egypt’s location offers Arafa Holding a competitive shipments lead time as well as allowing the Company to benefit from relatively low transportation costs and to respond quickly to seasonal shifts in demand and changes in customer taste.

Transportation (From Egyptian port)

Destination Transit time
door to door (days)
England 14 / 18
Spain 7 / 9
Italy 9 / 15
Germany 12 / 16