Egypt’s highly competitive labor markets, low utility and infrastructure costs, and its numerous preferential trade agreements as well as its proximity to key global markets such as the US, Europe and MENA, all make it an ideal base for an export-oriented business like Arafa Holding. Egypt also boasts a long, well-established tradition of textiles and clothing manufacture, with the industry possessing cultural as well as economic significance. Home to the only vertically integrated textiles industry in the Middle East―with the entire production process carried out entirely domestically―the country therefore provides Arafa Holding, its largest vertically integrated textiles and apparel manufacturer and retailer, with an appropriate home.

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Proximity to End Markets
A historically important trade center for centuries, Egypt has a geographical location that can open up markets

Favorable Cost Environment
Egypt benefits from a large pool of reasonably-priced, skilled labor, as well as relatively low infrastructure and utility costs

Preferential Trade Agreements
Egypt benefits from preferential trade agreements with the US and EU, as well as with regional partners

Government Incentive Programs
Government incentives and free trade zones encourage export-oriented businesses