As a leading global garments manufacturer, we ensure that all our garments are produced under lawful, humane and ethical conditions. All of our manufacturing facilities adhere to the strictest international standards in health, safety and environment not only because our clients demand it but also because we believe that it is our duty to serve as an example of good corporate citizenship in Egypt. Our philosophy is to not only ensure that we meet any regulatory requirements locally and internationally, but to go beyond them.


Over the years we have taken a proactive approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which has become firmly embedded at the core of our company’s culture. The company’s Board monitors CSR performance and standards on a regular basis . Our Compliance and Health & Safety Departments issue internal audit reports as well as external reports from our customers’ compliance auditors. In addition, a compliance newsletter is issued monthly communicating customer audit results and progress on rectifying issues, as well as successes.


Arafa Holding is committed to improving the well-being, living standards, knowledge and skills of the communities in which it operates. Read more