Concrete Fashion Group’s history spans over decades, the company evolved from a small family business in Egypt’s Nile Delta region to the global fashion and apparel group it is today.

The company’s story began in 1907 in the Nile Delta where Abdel Ma’assoud Arafa established himself as a small, independent fabric retailer. The Arafa family then decided to move the business to Cairo to increase their visibility and to capitalize on the growing urban market. Multiple waves carried the company from nationalization in the 1950’s to liberalization in the 1970’s where the family regained ownership of the business again following President Sadat’s liberalization under Mr. Ahmed Arafa’s management.

Mr. Ahmed Arafa reinvigorated the business, opening a retail shop in 1977 in the Egyptian port city of Port Said selling both fabric and garment that sold imported finished products primarily; but knowing the importance of controlling the value chain, Mr. Arafa expanded the company’s operations to include manufacturing, beginning the transformation of Arafa from a small local retailer into a manufacturer then to a retailer later. In 1983, Mr. Arafa expanded the business again by establishing group 1st facility at 10th of Ramadan city for producing high quality wool fabrics which is known today as Goldentex Wool Company

The company entered the ready-made garment business with the establishment of the Swiss Garments Company in 1989. Expanding its vertical integration further in 1997, Concrete Fashion Group acquired Concrete, a local retailer of smart casual wear for men, which it has grown to be Egypt’s leading luxury “total look” brand.

The retail arm expanded internationally in 2004, when Concrete Fashion Group ventured the UK market strongly acquiring a heritage retailer. Today Concrete Fashion Group owns a 98.2% stake in UK based, Baird which controls 15% of the UK suits market.

Today, Concrete Fashion Group is a leading fashion and apparel manufacturer and retailer accounting for more than 10% of Egypt’s total garments exports, serves and partners with leading global brands including Brooks Brothers, Massimo Dutti, Armani, Ermengildo Zegna, and Debenhams in addition to owning or having exclusive rights for portfolio of intellectual properties including Gibson London, Alexander and Racing Green