Alaa_ArafaWhen I look back at the changes that have taken place at Arafa since my father revived our family business in 1974, I am amazed and humbled. These changes have resulted in the emergence of an international company that is really and truly “Made in Egypt”; and are the result of the dedication, hard work, and loyalty of the entire Arafa team, who I’m grateful for.

From our roots as a small fabric retailer at the turn of the last century to our position today as a global player and Egypt’s largest textiles and apparel manufacturer and exporter, Arafa has sought excellence in all things and invested in its major resource and real treasure: People.

Our model is based on the transfer of know-how while having complete management control over every aspect of our business–from sourcing high quality wool, spinning, weaving, to garment manufacturing then marketing and distribution through the retail outlets — to meet the expectations of our clients.

This is no accident: We recognized early on that in order to achieve our goal of being a global source for luxury fashion, we needed to have total control of the creation value chain and develop our distribution network.

We have built state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities specialized for specific business activities. We have hired and trained highly skilled employees. We have established our own luxury brand, Concrete. We have partnered with leading fashion houses such as Forall Group and Ermengildo Zegna to expand our reach beyond our borders. We have stayed on the cutting edge of technology to allow us to better serve our clientele. And we have always placed quality and fair dealing above a quick and easy profit.

Long-term competitiveness is one built on solid foundations. Fair labor practices, quality materials, superior workmanship, comprehensive cost controls, excellent customer care, and continuous innovation are the foundations of Arafa Holding — and will continue to be so as we work to create value for our partners and shareholders alike.

—Alaa Arafa, Chairman